Scoring and earning points, at least for the 2019 S1 MotoGP Championship, is aimed to be easy and fun. No big group meeting and discussing who gets which racer/players etc

Points Awarded Play Points for Span
3 1st place pick No
3 "The Wrecker" No
From 3 to 0 Any other positions Yes

Points for the Span : e.g. if you choose RacerA to be 10th and they finish 8th, you get 1 point. Or if they finish 11th you get 2 points; the scale slides both ways.


- 2019 S1 MotoGP Championship - This is the first half of the 2019 MotoGP season, which is until after round 9, July 7th at the Sachsenring.

- Every race a player has a chance to earn a maximum of 18 points for a perfect score card. (Max of 15 points if all racers finish the race with a position)

- Every race a player much choose 6 riders; One 1st place. One "Wreck" racer, and 4 other positions


"The Wrecker" is NOT someone we are cheering to wreck. It started out as the racer who was driving "the wreck", ie a machine that seemed to have various problems during FP or qualifying etc. To match this play, if MotoGP does not record a position for a rider (ie, DNFFL, DNF, NC or others) then you will be awarded points.

Example, for a brief time in 2017 after Iannone took out a few riders in different races, not the least of which was his own teammate at the finish line for what would have been a 1st and 2nd win, he was played in this position a lot among players with the nickname of "The Missile"; but again we weren't cheering or hoping he'd wreck, just that he demonstrated past tendencies.